So, you’re a new student at KU Leuven campus Group T. As a beginning international student, you’d like to make some friends before class starts, right? Well, KU Leuven offers the Orientation Days for all incoming international students. KU Leuven also organizes Studentenwelkom: a free-entry festival on the 4th of October, welcoming all students to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.

Industria also organizes it’s own freshmen weekend which is held in Dutch.

More information regarding all three events can be found below.


KU Leuven Orientation Days

The Orientation Days are KU Leuven’s way of getting the new incoming international students acquainted with living in Leuven. Not only will you get all vital information on life in Leuven, you will also have the opportunity to meet other incoming international students. Nearly all of the activities are free, but they do require signing up since places are limited.

MORE INFORMATION: KU Leuven Orientation Days



Studentenwelkom is Dutch for Student Welcome (you never could’ve guessed, right?). KU Leuven organizes a festival at Ladeuzeplein – undoubtedly one of the prettiest area’s of Leuven – on the 4th of October. The festival offers stands with drinks, tasty snacks and loads of useful information all around the main podium. And good music!


MORE INFORMATION: Studentenwelkom

Freshmen Weekend

Industria also organizes it’s own Freshmen Weekend from Tuesday the 19th to Thursday the 21st. This event focuses on our new incoming Dutch-speaking students, therefore all the activities will be in Dutch.

What & Practical arrangements

For two nights, we will be sleeping in a place that has all necessary sanitary accommodations (toilets, bathrooms, showers…). Food and drinks are included. The three days are packed with activities.

On Tuesday the 19th of September we will expect you at exactly 12h30 at the entrance to KU Leuven Campus Group T (Campus Vesalius). Once everyone is ready, we will take a private bus from there to the secret location. On Thursday the 21st of September we will drop you back off in Leuven around 13h45.

Should there arise any questions (or if you simply have worried parents), you can reach us at, before and during the “weekend”, or by calling +32 479/30 34 45 (Rob Matthys).

How much will it cost me? €65 all-in, to be deposited at BE 41 7330 1727 3710 with the note “Freshmenweekend *first name* *last name*” (three days before departure at the latest).

I am going and will bring…

  • Pair of clothes that can get dirty
  • Pair of clothes that you look good in
  • Sanitary supplies
  • Running shoes
  • Matras cover and a sleeping bag
  • Pillow, complete with cover
  • A bit of pocket cash (to possibly buy a codex, a t-shirt…)


You can register yourself by following this link.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at