Industria is the student association of KU Leuven Campus Group T. To make sure everything proceeds smoothly, it obviously needs some sort of management, and the management of such a student association is what we call a “praesidium” (comparable to the English “presidency”). The team that will make sure we have a blast this year is Echo!

Below you can get to know a little bit about the current Industria-team, and especially what their function withing the praesidium is! The composition of the past few teams and their election campaigns can be found on theĀ election page. For the more technically inclined, we also do our best to keep the digital versions of our bylaws, our statutes, and the reports on ourĀ General Assemblies online and up-to-date.



(An English translation will soon follow, we’re working on it! We love you and we haven’t forgotten about you!)